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Arcadia Club Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Membership…

Congratulations and thank you for the wise decision you made to become a Member at Prestige Collection – Harbourside at Marker 33.  Arcadia Resorts, LLC. is the developer of your Resort property and the program which you now own. We have also reached out and found the best partners in the vacation business like Resorts Condominiums International, the Largest Exchange company in the World with resorts in 110 countries to help us ensure that your vacations are memorable for years to come. Arcadia Resorts, LLC is registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel. Registration No. ST41062.

How Do I Book a Reservation?

Your number of Arcadia Nights are set forth on the first page of your purchase agreement. Making a reservation for your nights is very simple: you call 844-447-3100 (hours open goes here) and let your Owner Services Manager know what your desired dates are and your various choice of destinations. Your Owner Services representative will search for properties that meet your criteria from the 4000 resorts in 110 countries. Your home resort is Prestige Collection – Harbourside at Marker 33. You will always have priority over other RCI members if there is exchange inventory available in the system. Availability is on a first-come, first-served, space available basis.

What is RCI’s Role with Arcadia Resorts

We are proud to be an RCI Gold Crown property. RCI is a Multi-billion-dollar company which plays a significant role at Arcadia Resorts and The Prestige Collection – Harbourside at Marker 33. RCI handles all Rental of condominiums as well as the Reservation/Customer Service Functions related to member reservations at any one of its 4000 resorts worldwide including Prestige Collection. Arcadia Members initially receive complimentary membership in this exchange program as a Club Benefit. The cost of initial enrollment in this exchange program is included in the Purchase Price, and the cost of continued participation on an annual basis is included within the Arcadia Resorts Club Dues.

How long is my Prestige Collection/Arcadia Resorts membership good for?

This is one of the critical benefits of Arcadia Membership; each Arcadia Member shall have an “Initial Term” of thirty-five (35) months from the closing of the purchase of the Membership. After that, you can renew based on your vacation needs. (please refer to your purchase agreement for a more in-depth explanation).

Arcadia SeaShells Program – what is it & how does it work?:

The Seashells Membership is a unique glimpse into an Arcadia Resorts membership. Twelve months of travel benefits await our members including low priced condos, discounted cruises, hotels, Special Staycations, Fantasy getaways, guaranteed lowest travel prices every day, and specialized concierge travel services. The Only thing separating our Seashells Membership from our Premier Prestige Collection are prepaid stays (nights) at the 4000+ RCI Resorts which our full-service Arcadia Membership provides. Most Seashells members are eligible to Upgrade to full-fledged membership with some or all of their purchase price available as a discount to membership.

Can My Family Members Use my Nights Without Me?

Yes, Direct Family members including parents and adult children only may utilize your membership and pre-paid nights at no additional fee. Other guests may purchase Guest Certificates for $150 per stay if you choose to allow others to use your prepaid nights or membership.

What’s my RCI number and when do I receive it?

Your RCI number is the key to your vacation planning. It will allow RCI’s top notch customer service team to help you plan where and when you want to embark on your next vacation experience. One important note: RCI’s on-boarding of new members takes approximately 10 days from your original purchase date. You will receive an email at that time with your personal RCI number and any pertinent details related to booking your future condo stays. You should already have a current RCI Directory with a listing of the over 4000 Resorts which are available to you; if not, don’t worry, your RCI directory can be easily accessed from your website at www.ArcadiaResorts.com – simply select the first tile which directs you to Reservations and to the RCI Directory/Login link. If you have any vacation needs which do not include condo stays, you can access your personal concierge team when you select the Travel Tile which assists you with Hotels, Cruises, Vacation Packages, and other benefits. You can access these benefits immediately from the first day of your purchase using your online credentials (which were already provided to you when you enrolled) or you can speak to an operator by calling 1-855-366-3211.

How does the RCI credit card work for payments?

The RCI credit card is a great resource for new available credit for our customers. Please note it IS a credit card, just like any you may have in your wallet or purse. It is issues and backed by Bank of America – one of the largest banks in the world. B of A and RCI teamed up to offer a simple method for you to enroll for your new membership with Arcadia & RCI – and also provide you access to additional personal credit. Payments on the card, again will be exactly like any card you have in your wallet with rules of use as well as payment option offerings. Any billing on the B of A card should be directed directly to the lending institution. You can utilize your card for travel or any other item you wish to purchase.